From: May East <>
Dear friends

Let me introduce myself as the chief organiser for an international conference to be held at Findhorn this Easter (March 22 ˆ 28), Positive Energy: Creative Community Responses to Peak Oil and Climate Change.  This event will bring to Moray some of Scotland‚s and indeed the world‚s leading
experts in how communities can respond (and are responding) creatively to the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change ˆ how they can use the
coming energy transition to enrich themselves both socially and economically.

Recognising that few local people are likely to be able to come for the whole week, we have set up a programme on Thursday and Friday morning that we are marketing locally called From Crisis to Opportunity for Communities – I attach a flyer for this here.

I am writing to invite you to circulate to all you think may be interested in this event and to consider coming yourself.

Please be in touch if I can provide any further details.  Also, please be in touch if you would like me to send you some hard copy flyers for the event.

An electronic flyer for the full week conference, Positive Energy, can be downloaded from .

Many thanks ˆ and hoping to see you in Easter week.

Jonathan Dawson
E-Mail: jonathan